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There can be times where you are the one who ends up paying for your friend, EVERYTIME!
How far can you go before you can say no to your friend ?
Let us take a moment and view how Nick & Tushar’s friendship works when it comes to paying bills.

Follow the team:

Nick : https://instagram.com/beyounick?igshid=1v0dupxhyiv5n
Tushar: https://instagram.com/alamothashana?igshid=11tp1089sknr1
Sushant: https://instagram.com/cut_appa_sushant?igshid=odfuvfx805e3
Vivek: https://instagram.com/i_am_watermenon?igshid=e01bki624656
Murali: https://instagram.com/woh_lambe_baal_wala_ladka?igshid=c5ug436szug3
Anant: https://instagram.com/ananttmoney?igshid=qi5it9ly5kfq
Omkar: https://instagram.com/one_moody_foodie?igshid=fc4g05a54dk3

Produced by : Nick
Directed by : Vivek Menon, Nick
Written by : Nick
DOP: Vivek Menon
Edited by : Sushant Chopdekar
Subtitles by : Omkar Shinde
Color Grade and Graphics : Amit Arulkar
Production Manager: Anant T, Murali Thevar
On Set Sound : Murali
Thumbnail: Bhavika Patil
Equipments: In-house
Lights: Natural Light

Cast: Nick,Tushar,Omkar,Karan

Location Courtesy: Brotherhood Cafe and Lounge


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