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00:02 You are in the middle of your day and you

00:04 receive an email. A company or

00:06 organization asking you to go to a

00:08 website to enter your personal

00:10 information to verify your account. 

00:13 It seems legitimate, but you wonder… is it a

00:15 scam? While some scams seem obvious

00:18 others can be confusing to anyone

00:20 without the proper information. Having

00:23 that trusted official information on the

00:25 latest scams and how to report them is

00:27 one of the best ways to protect your

00:29 hard-earned money and safeguard your

00:31 private information. The Consumer Action

00:34 Handbook is a free guide that provides

00:37 general tips resources and advice to

00:40 protect your consumer rights. The

00:42 handbook has information to help you

00:44 file a complaint about a purchase and

00:46 even includes a sample complaint letter

00:48 among many other resources. Order or

00:53 download a free copy for yourself, a

00:55 family member or a local organization at

00:58 USA.gov forward slash handbook

01:00  You can also subscribe to us a USAGov free

01:03 email alerts to stay informed on the

01:05 latest consumer information scams

01:08 product recalls and more at connect

01:11 USA.gov forward slash subscribe

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