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OYO Q Quiz – Trick To Get Assured ₹1 To ₹5 PayTM Cash Daily

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OYO Q Quiz Answers Today

OYO Q Quiz Contest & Answers | Give Correct Answers & Win Free PayTM cash & Many More Prizes

OYO Q Quiz Contest, OYO Quiz Answers , Today’s OYO Quiz Answers , OYO App Daily Quiz Contest Hello Coolz Readers!! Here i am back with a latest offer from Oyo App Daily Q Quiz. Oyo is Giving Away Free PayTM cash , Free OYO Cash Or Amazon Echo Dot Device Daily to Q Quiz Winners.

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OYO Shake And Win Contest

Hope you guys are Enjoying Club Factory Cut Price Loot Offer which is trending all over internet now a days. Now i am explaining you whole Oyo App Shake Win Contest Offer. So Follow Given steps and Get Free Goodies or Win Prizes.

What You Will Win From OYO Q Quiz – Exciting Prices Everyday Offer :

Oyo Shake Phone Win Exciting Prizes Offer

  • 100 Amazon Echo dots,
  • 10 Crore Oyo Money, OR
  • 20 Lakhs Paytm Cash.

OYO Q Quiz Contest | Answer Daily & Win Exciting Prizes :

Bug – After Giving Correct Answer , Shake Your Phone To Left Then Right Then Again Left & You Will 99% Get Free PayTM Cash Instead Of OYO Money

1. First of All Download OYO App From Given Link Here. :

Download Here

2. Sign Up if you are a New User, or login if you are an existing User. This offer is for all Oyo Users.

3. Go to Dashboard of the App and Scroll down wards and Find a Banner as Shown Below. Or There Will Be OYO Q Quiz Banner

OYO Q Quiz Answers Today

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 30th June 2020 :

Question – Who invented the ballpoint pen?

Answer is : Biro Brothers

This is Old OYO Q Quiz Answers

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 9th March 2020 :

Question – Holi is also known as the?

Answer is : Festival Of Colours

Oyo’s Quiz Answer – 7th March 2020 :

Question – Where is the famous ‘Lath Maar holi’ played?

Answer is : Barsana

Oyo’s Quiz Answer – 5th March 2020 :

Question – What is the new name of Feroz Shah Kotla ground?

Answer is : Arun Jaitley Stadium

Oyo’s Quiz Answer – 28th February 2020 :

Question – How many Olympic gold medals have the Indian men’s hockey team wonWhich of the following is the oldest Football competition in India?

Answer is : Durand Cup

Oyo’s Quiz Answer – 26th February 2020 :

Question – How many Olympic gold medals have the Indian men’s hockey team won?

Answer is : 8

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 24th February 2020 :

Question – Originating in the Pushkar Valley of the Aravalli range, the Luni River ends in which among the following? 

Answer is : In the Rann of Katch

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 22nd February 2020 :

Question – The Kachin Hills make a boundary between India and which of the following neighbors?

Answer is : Myanmar

Oyo’s Quiz Answer – 21st February 2020 :

Question – What fraction of Rajasthan’s total area is covered by Thar Desert? 

Answer is : Around 60%

Oyo’s Quiz Answer – 20th February 2020 :

Question – Where is India’s highest rainfall recorded?

Answer is : Mawsynram, Meghalaya

Oyo’s Quiz Answer – 19th February 2020 :

Question – Which of the following canals is located in West Bengal? 

Answer is : Eden canal

Oyo’s Quiz Answer – 18th February 2020 :

Question – Which country shares a common frontier with the Indian states Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Sikkim?

Answer is : Nepal

Oyo’s Quiz Answer – 14th February 2020 :

Question – The Sundarbans or the ‘Mangrove’ forests are found in? 

Answer is : Deltaic West Bengal

Oyo’s Quiz Answer – 12th February 2020 :

Question – Which memorial was built in India in memory of soldiers who lost their lives in World War I? 

Answer is : India Gate

Oyo’s Quiz Answer – 11th February 2020 :

Question – The name ‘India’ is derived from the name of which of the following rivers?

Answer is : Indus

Oyo’s Quiz Answer – 10th February 2020 :- 

Question – In which state in India is a lake built due to the impact of a meteor?

Answer is : Maharashtra

Oyo’s Today Quiz Answer – 9th February 2020 :- 

Question – Which country has recognized May 26 as ‘Science Day’ in honor of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam?

Answer Is- Switzerland

Question – The largest Indian State by area is ?

Answer is – Rajasthan

4. Select The Answer & and You will Get a Prize Of Free PayTM cash , or Free OYO Money instantly.

OYO Shake And Win Contest

5. Come Daily on this banner and shake your phone once to win prizes.

Terms & Conditions :

  • Users who answer OYO Q correctly will be redirected to the Shake and Win page where they get a chance to earn a reward.
  • 2. Winners of the Paytm Cash, Amazon Echo Dot and other prizes will be decided by a lucky draw from those who have answered today’s OYO Q correctly.
  • 3. Each winner will be informed via an app notification and an email.
  • 4. Paytm Cash rewards will be given to winners on the mobile number registered with OYO.
  • 5. Paytm Cash and other rewards will only be given to users if they are logged in on the OYO APP.
  • 6. Other rewards such as Goodies will be transferred to the winners in the form of E-gift vouchers.
  • 7. The amount would be transferred within seven days.
  • 8. Following users will not be eligible for Paytm Cash: – Non KYC verified Paytm accounts.

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